'I AM A PEACE SOLDIER' launch video

'I am a Peace Soldier' is an initiative that aims to work at building peace at a grassroots level in communities in South Sudan and the worldwide diaspora.

It strives to change attitudes, so the focus shifts away from violence. Young people are encouraged to become ‘peace soldiers’ on the ground and inspire people to be part of one nation - regardless of their tribal allegiance.

Through education, we aim to promote the power of peace and a feeling of shared destiny in the younger generation of South Sudan, so they focus their energy on peaceful nation building. This will be done by emphasising the similarities that all people in South Sudan share in their recent history, so the attention shifts away from perceived differences.

The focus of the ‘I am a Peace Soldier’ proposal is threefold, through writing, music and film. On completion, a travelling exhibition will showcase the project internationally. It is intended that the work will also be presented to the United Nations.